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Слава - Люблю или ненавижу

Title: Слава - Люблю или ненавижу
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Queen,Your reasoning is based on so many ftaluy assumptions that it is hard to know where to start."It's like saying that parts of Georgia want to be "independent" so it could join Alabama."Think: Georgia want to be "independent" so it could join Saudi Arabia, and then you get much closer to what we are talking about.And no, Serbia, Albania, or Kosovo are not on any list. Not even close.And writing "EU-SSR" and then assuming that being a member state in the EU is fully equal to being a republic in the USSR is far from the reality. The people are powerless because the elites have all the control. But the elites in a country could take a different direction from the EU without much consequence. The problem is in the conformism of the minds of the elites in the different countries.You assume that being part of the EU makes "independent state" a defunct category. That would mean that the independence of Flanders would be just as meaningless as you imply that it's meaningless whether Kosovo is independent or not.All the burnt down churches should tell you something also.I really do not know how you can get this all so wrong. I think you write "EU-SSR" and then you stop thinking. How it goes for a region depends on who is in control. Now the Muslims are, that means that all the churches are being burnt down. But the implication of what you write is that all the churches would be burnt down just the same if Christian Orthodox Serbs had been in control, just because they are on some list (which they aren't either).To convince yourself of how independence of Kosovo matters. Compare how it is in Kosovo to how it is in Serbia (or how it used to be in Kosovo). In one case all of the churches in the process of being burnt down, in the other they are all up and fine. Even if we for a moment stipulate your worst horror scenario of EU as completely equivalent to the USSR, and that Serbia and Albania would be members or on some list, all of your assumptions are the same for Serbia and Kosovo. How do you account for the differences? The only thing you are saying that if all is under EU-SSR, it will all be the same. But it is not the same. All churches burnt down, or not burnt down, is very different. And it's this difference that is the reason to oppose an independent Kosovo.
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